Content With A Cause

We believe in the importance of giving back, but we want to do it in a cool way that involves more than just making a donation. That’s why we’ve created the annual program “Content With A Cause“. At the end of each year, we’ll select a non-profit that we think has done amazing things during the year, and we’ll help them create an engaging video that tells their story, FREE OF CHARGE. It’s our way of giving back, while also doing what we love. As Break Content continues to grow and expand, so will “Content With A Cause“. The bigger we get, the more we’ll be able to give back.
The best part is that when we create these videos, all of our clients from the year will have the option to become sponsors of the initiative. This means that if a company hires us at any point during the year, their logo will be included as an official sponsor at the end of the video that we create for the program.
Check out the videos we made for the 2016 winners “She Recovers” (

Check out the video we made for the 2015 winner “Adaptive Adventures”:

For more information about this initiative, or to tell us about a non-profit that should be considered, please contact us HERE.