Global Network

We’ve hand selected our network of content creators, which now spans every major city in the U.S. and more than 100 countries around the world. This network consists of: Filmmakers, Photographers, Directors, Producers, Technical Specialists, Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Editors, Illustrators, Animators and Writers. Each market around the world works a little differently than the next. By tapping into the top local talent in cities around the world, we’re able to eliminate costly travel expenses, and we can operate with a level of efficiency that only a local team with local knowledge would be able to achieve. A local crew will understand the local guidelines and they’ll have the relationships needed to secure permits as quickly and cheaply as possible. They’ll know of the best locations to film at and the best routes to take when traveling around the city.  They’ll have the relationships and the credibility needed to gain access into areas that only locals would know about. And most importantly, they’ll know how to capture stories in a way that makes them the most relevant and interesting to the local culture. This innovative approach is helping us to slash costs left and right, passing the savings through directly to our clients.
The Break Content global network currently spans the following countries:
global network
Are you a talented filmmaker, director, producer, photographer, graphic designer, writer or lighting/sound specialist? Do you want the opportunity to work on some amazing projects for innovative brands around the world? Apply to join our global network of content creators and we’ll review your work and get back to you if we think it’s a good fit.