Our Process


With so many content creators in our network, spread across so many different countries, it’s important that we know how to match up the right content creators with the right types of projects. Whether working with another agency or directly with a brand, we first get a clear understanding of the type of content that we need to create. Is it supposed to be funny? Emotional? Inspiring? Have a documentary feel? This is always the first step in putting together the perfect team.
Once we know what we’re creating, we present you with 2-3 options for a lead content creator that has experience creating this type of concept. We’ll share portfolios and relevant samples of work until you are completely comfortable with the team that’s been selected. From there, depending on the location and size of the production, we’ll scale up the rest of the crew with talented people from our network to ensure all bases are covered.
In addition, Break Content will be completely involved in the entire process. We don’t just connect you with our content creators and then walk away. You shouldn’t have to re-teach everything about your business to a new team every time you want to create a video. For this reason, we handle all of the communication with our content creators so that you only have to deal with the Break Content team that already knows you and knows your business.  We manage the entire production from start to finish, and we make sure the final product comes out exactly how you want it.


When working directly with brands, our solutions are custom tailored to exactly what the brand is looking to achieve. With full service capabilities, including strategycreativeproductionpost-production, distribution, tracking and research, we’re able to put together the perfect package to successfully engage and excite a brands audience. Our global network of content creators includes all of the different specialties that a brand could potentially need support with.
If you need creative, we’ve got the writers and designers (in more than 100+ countries) needed to tell your stories through compelling, engaging content ideas. If you need production, we can scale up ANY size crew, ANYWHERE in the world, to produce high quality content, quickly and cost efficiently. For post-production, our editors, motion graphics specialists and animators can create amazing work on timelines that would have previously been unheard of. If you want to make sure that your content is being distributed to the right people in the right places, we’ve got amazing partnerships with some of the best distribution companies in the world, ensuring that your content is always getting highly qualified eyeballs. And lastly, if you want to know how your content is performing and affecting your bottom line, we are tracking and measurement experts who can help you justify your investment by telling you exactly how your content is performing.
Whether you need us for some of the process, or all of the process, we’ve always got the right folks in place to make it happen.


When partnering up with other agencies, we understand that the most important thing is flexibility. That’s why we always make it a point to let our clients and partners know that we are more than happy to play as BIG or SMALL of a role as they need. While we do have full service, start to finish capabilities, we understand that we may only be needed to play a smaller role in a project.
MANY times, the agencies we work with already have the creative outlined and ready to go, or they may already have their own in-house editing capabilities. Regardless of the situation, we are more than happy to fill in whatever gap is needed. If you need us to go out and capture some beautiful footage and hand it off to your editors? Totally cool. If you’ve already got your crew put together and you just happen to need a sound operator for a day in Beijing? No worries, we got you.
More than anything, we are here to make your lives easier, make you look great, and contribute in whatever way is best for the project and the client. We couldn’t care less about exposure or credit. All that matters to us is that everyone is happy with the final product.