Brands Doing It Right: Kleenex

What has been there for you through every tear-jerking moment in your life—every breakup, every goodbye, and every sniffle? Apologies to parents, it’s Kleenex.
Previous Kleenex campaigns have emphasized the personal utility and quality of their facial tissues. Their latest effort, however, focuses on the social and emotional moments that call for Kleenex. The 30-second creative showcases a simple act of kindness you might share with a friend, family member, or even a stranger.
What is a Kleenex moment, you ask? It’s an action that fills in the space when there is nothing left to say. It’s meant to be shared, unlike toilet paper.
The $1.6 billion U.S. retail facial-tissue market is nothing to sneeze at, and Kleenex clearly hopes that by appealing to consumers’ softer sides that they can strengthen their position as the market leader with a market share of approximately 50 percent.
If you don’t already have a box of Kleenex within reach, grab one now before you watch this.
Kleenex: Time for a Change

Now, do you need a Kleenex?
At first glance this boy looks like he might just walk by the seat, but he stops. The simple act of handing her a Kleenex forges a new connection-–a bond, no matter how brief, that brings some relief.
This scene attempts to not only elevate the humble tissue but also differentiate the brand. So when someone asks, “Do you need a Kleenex?,” what he or she might be really saying is, “I care.”
– Charlotte Coupe