Brands Doing It Right: Snickers

Warning: if you are feeling hangry (hungry + angry) do not watch this until you have satisfied your hunger.

Scientists are just now getting around to understanding hunger-fueled hostility, but Snickers has been pushing “hanger management” since 2010. That’s when they launched their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign featuring a range of characters from Betty White to Joe Pesci illustrating the mood altering affects of hunger and how Snickers relieves the tension.
But with a campaign that’s now more than 5 years old, how do you keep it fresh? How do you keep people from getting bored? It’s pretty simple actually. You keep it fresh by keeping people laughing. So when Snickers decided to remix two hilarious icons for their latest video – a 40-year old sitcom and a 70 year old with a knack for kicking ass – its no wonder they’ve received more than 14 million views since launching.
So what can we learn from the success of this Snickers video? We can learn that as long as people are thoroughly entertained, campaigns can go on for many successful years without getting stale. Content these days must first and foremost be entertaining. You’ll notice that in this video, Snickers never mentions anything about their delicious ingredients or how great their product tastes. Instead, they are completely focused on making people laugh and keeping people entertained. If brands hope to thrive in this new world, they’ll need to start approaching their content with a similar mindset.
Well done Snickers, well done.
– Charlotte Coupe