The Break Content DIFFERENCE

Over the past couple years I’ve been meeting with tons of different brands and agencies to tell them about our innovative production model, which is built around our ever growing global network of content creators. And while some people totally get it right off the bat, I’m finding that there are still lots of people who don’t immediately understand how we work. I’ll hear things like “oh so you guys are basically a brokerage for filmmakers” or “ok, so are you guys kind of like a Studio Now or a Storyhunter?”. Nope, we’re not.
I’ll be the first person to tell you how innovative and exciting these companies are. Storyhunter is without a doubt going to forever change the news industry. Their global network of over 6000 journalist filmmakers allows any new organization to have access to on-demand locals with cameras, anywhere in the world. Just think about how cool that is. For any breaking story or event, a news organization can now have a cameraman filming live, anywhere in the world, within a few hours. Similarly, Studio Now has a global network of more than 7500 content creators that their users can get access to at anytime to help them capture content. It’s innovative, efficient and awesome. That being said, while Break Content is fairly similar in nature, we are completely different in execution.
Here are the main differences between what we do, and what they do:
1) Involvement: with Studio Now and Storyhunter, their platforms will connect a company with local content creators around the world, but then it will be up to the company to manage everything going forward through their platforms. This model can work beautifully for capturing news, interesting B-roll footage, or anything on the go, but it doesn’t make as much sense for creating longer form storytelling content for large global brands. The fundamental issue with this model for brands, and the reason Break Content is different, is that brands don’t want to re-teach their business to a new team every time they want to create a video. With Break Content, while we do have a network of content creators that we bring into projects, we stay completely involved and manage the entire process from start to finish, and we handle all communications with our filmmakers so that the brands only have to deal with the Break Content team that already knows them and knows their business. We manage the entire production, and we make sure the final product comes out exactly how the brand wants it.
2) Network Size: both Studio Now and Storyhunter have massive global networks of about 7500 and 6000 respectively. And while this is extremely impressive and makes a lot of sense for some types of content capture, it would be very difficult to ensure that this many content creators are all professional enough to work with today’s largest brands. At Break Content, our network is a little more than 400 strong (spread across 100+ countries), and each and every content creator in the network has been completely vetted through a series of in person meetings, phone calls and skype calls. I know without a doubt that each person in our network can be trusted to be dependable, act professionally and deliver high quality content every time.  For large global brands, where everything they are associated with needs to be completely buttoned up, our model provides a perfect way to ensure this.
Now please don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of both Studio Now and Storyhunter, and I have absolutely no doubt that both of these companies will do really well in the coming years. Both companies are innovative, very useful and can add a ton of value in the right types of situations. If I was a betting man, I would have no problem putting my money on their success and I’m confident that all three of us will forever change the news, filmmaking and content marketing industries as we know them.